“Nice Democracy You’ve Got there. It Would Be a Shame If It Got…Broken”

Ukip free speech The image above wasn’t made by blogger and Green party member Michael Abberton. He simply checked the claims and annotated it, with links where he could find them, and with a not that admitted he couldn’t find a source when UKIP had erased the information from their website. He then posted it on Twitter. Even so, Ukip’s local Government spokesman and national nominating officer, Cllr Peter Reeve, complained to the police, and two officers called on Abberton as a result. I cannot see a good reason for the police, who readily admitted that Abberton had not committed an offence, to call on him at all, as they could have just looked at the picture online and decided that no further action was required of them. That they did visit, and that they asked him to remove the tweets containing the image (or even just suggested it) is extremely worrying. They even asked Abberton not to mention their visit! Surely they were guilty of interfering with the political process. Maybe that’s why they didn’t want anyone else to know what they were up to. Reeve claims to have reported  Abberton for electoral fraud, rather than for abuse,because his post did not contain an official declaration that it was Green Party material, as required by the Electoral Commission. As usual with UKIP, this is nonsense. For one thing, as far as I know, Abberton isn’t an official spokesman for the Green Party, and his Twitter account is a private one, representing only his own views. He is not a candidate for office either, nor an agent for a candidate. Secondly, his profile picture on Twitter clearly shows his political allegiance, Abberton so even if he was obliged to make such a declaration, he already had! What connection is there between Reeve, or UKIP generally, and the police that persuades the cops that they should waste their valuable time pandering the the hurt feelings of a politician? Are secret handshakes involved? Or does UKIP’s membership boast several police officers? Whatever the reason, this development is sinister, and comparisons with the rise of fascism in 1930s Germany are inevitable, and should have been foreseen by whoever sent the two police officers to call on Michael Abberton.

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One response to ““Nice Democracy You’ve Got there. It Would Be a Shame If It Got…Broken”

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Again, Libertarians tend to be quite open about their hatred of democracy.


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