Doctor Who and the “Lesbian Kiss”

Doctor-Who2Apparently, Peter Capaldi’s debut episode as the Doctor, “Deep Breath”, attracted some complaints. Not about the writing, though some do think it wasn’t up to much. Certainly not the acting.

No, it was a supposed kiss between Madam Vastra and Jenny. It wasn’t that they were of different species, Vastra being a lizard person from prehistoric Earth and Jenny a human, but that they were both female. Some have suggested that the kiss amounted to porn!

Leaving aside the fact that it wasn’t really a kiss, as such, but a “kiss of life”, how does a kiss equate with pornography? Can we expect complaints about kisses between men and women? Obviously scenes of gratuitous lifesaving should be banned in case children see them and get the idea that saving lives is somehow admirable!

The other thing that’s being used to justify complaints is that the Doctor Who team are pushing a “gay agenda”. I have yet to discover what this agenda is. Though I’m not myself gay, I know a few gay people, and they’ve not been able to enlighten me.

Not many of those that make the claim can tell me either. They tend to go quiet when pressed on the issue!

There are a few people who will tell anyone who will listen that the gay agenda is to make everyone gay, but they tend to get laughed at by anyone with a functioning brain.

The characters of Vastra and Jenny happen to both be female. Aside from the occasional line, usually comic in nature, their relationship can easily be skipped over by younger viewers who may not understand even heterosexual marriages. If they are capable of understanding straight marriages, then they should be able to cope with gay marriage. After all, they’re more likely to hear about those on the news than an episode of Doctor Who, even an episode featuring Vastra and Jenny.

Same sex marriage is a part of modern life, and television programmes should reflect that. People who don’t like modern life probably shouldn’t have televisions.

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