#justiceforched Need Not Include a Job in Football


Rapist Ched Evans has been released from prison after serving half of his five year sentence and, predictably, there are calls for him to be reinstated at Sheffield United as a player.

Some of those calls come from fans of Evans, who can’t bear the thought of their hero being guilty,

Others, like Judy Finnigan, are just thoughtless.

Finnigan suggested that Evans should be allowed to get his old job back because the rape “wasn’t violent”.

There is a difference between what Evans did and a rape committed by someone using a knife, for example, but both rapes are inherently violent. Rape is a violent act in itself. A longer sentence would be deserved for the knife-wielding rapist, because using a knife would be an extra criminal act. The rape itself is just as serious in both cases.

In fact, Evans’ victim has suffered a great deal, beyond the rape, at the hands of some of Evans’ fans. She has been forced to relocate, with a new identity, because of threats of further rape and violence, including death threats, three times, and there are constant attempts to reveal her new identities on social media.

While it cannot be proved, for now, that Evans is in any way responsible for these threats, he and his friends have done nothing to curb them. They could do so easily, via the website set up to overturn the Evans’ conviction, but they’d rather concentrate on using dubious “evidence” and innuendo.

So, now that Evans has been released from prison, why shouldn’t he be allowed to resume his career? Several commenters have asked if that would be better than him drawing unemployment benefits. That supposes that those are the only alternatives. There are other jobs, as other sex offenders have found out. Teachers, to take just one example, wouldn’t be welcomed back to school if they had to sign the sex offender register.

If he can’t find a job by himself though, maybe he should sign on. Perhaps the Job Centre  could find him a placement where he could work for his benefits. Unlike most of the people on workfare, a more punitive regime than Community Service, Evans is a convicted criminal.

5 responses to “#justiceforched Need Not Include a Job in Football

  1. You are now facing legal action for calling me a rapist and including a fake Disqus account. Who is your solicitor?


  2. Lots of rumours that Wolves are signing him. As to his “victim” make a false rape allegation, pay the price. Big Win! Pink Minis!


    • Evans’ victim didn’t make an allegation, either true or false. She couldn’t remember what happened, and it was the police who made the allegation and charged him, the CPS who agreed that he had a case to answer, and the jury that convicted him. Rape apologists don’t help their case by flinging random and unsubstantiated accusations at rape victims.


  3. I have mixed feelings about this – I can’t pretend that I’m happy that he’ll likely get treated like a hero on the terraces (of his own team’s supporters, at any rate), nor that it seems unjust for him to return to a highly paid lifestyle, whilst other, more deserving, people struggle to get by. However, I do support the principle of rehabilitation for ex-offenders, and this must apply equally to people of whom I disapprove more strongly to those less vehemently. I’m not sure the teachers analogy is entirely apt.

    The question of whether a club should want to be associated with him is another matter, and fans who don’t want him back at Sheffield United (or anyone else considering signing him) are well within their rights to lobby against it.


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