Dinosaurs Are Among Us

If someone knowingly gets drunk and has a fall, they can’t blame anyone else if they are injured. They are, however, vulnerable, because of the intoxication and the injury. If someone else is abusive and threatening, the police should be involved. However drunk you are, you’re not responsible for the actions or inaction of others.

It’s not always easy to contact the police these days. Most people have a mobile phone, so telephone boxes have become scarce. If you don’t have a mobile, or if you forget it, you have to rely on the charity of others in emergencies, or suffer.

In Newcastle there is a scheme called “Safe Haven“, which is intended to keep revellers safe, regardless of the reason for their distress, so that the worst they can expect to suffer is a hangover.

While the bulk of the work is done by Ambulance Service staff, and St John Ambulance volunteers, door staff at the various nightclubs are also an essential element.

They also seem to be a weak link, if the bouncers at a strip club called “For Your Eyes Only” are typical. They have had the training to assist in situations like the one in the account linked below, but failed miserably to implement it. Worse, they thought the whole episode was hilarious, though they have obviously been told it wasn’t, because they proceeded to lie about their actions (and lack of action), when the story started to get attention on social media.

The vulnerable person in this case happened to be a woman, so I fully expect some “Mens Rights Activist” to dismiss or excuse the whole episode as “feminazi propaganda” but, while women can be, in some circumstances, more vulnerable than men, that’s really irrelevant here, except that it involved bouncers at a strip club, and it looks like the disdain for women inside such places may well extend to passers by.

The Safe Haven” scheme is being extended to other towns and cities. Hopefully without the poor attitudes displayed by these “trained staff”.

Read the Storify account here. It’s from someone whose word I trust, though there were other witnesses.



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