If you click on one of the pictures below, you’ll be taken to a site where you can buy all manner of goodies with my pictures on them. Just pick your country’s flag.
Of course, there’s nothing to stop you downloading the pics and printing out your own cards, T-shirts etc., and even if I had the means to chase after everyone who did that, I wouldn’t want to, but the shop’s there if you’d like to use it. More pictures will follow soon, and any requests or ideas will be considered, though now I’m actually selling them I have to be more careful that the images comply with laws, including copyright. I’ve already had to rework my “Electronic Smoker” picture!

One response to “Shop

  1. Hi Dave.

    John (Bunbury Saturday night) here. I noticed that you and Andy weren’t in last Saturday, probably put off by the previous Saturday’s early closure. Apparently, it was because Nickie the barmaid was unwell, so Wes had to step in. As he hadn’t had any customers in for over an hour, he shut up early, much to my frustration as well. I don’t think that Nickie adopts that policy.

    Anyway hope to see you both this Saturday.



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