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Bullies Being Bullied?

Bullies are usually the first to complain that they are being “picked on”.

Imagine if somebody, upset by the words of a few people who happened to be black, made disparaging remarks about all black people. If someone else chimed in to agree with them, and to heap more abuse on black people, that person would be, quite rightly, labelled a racist. If black people were to complain, most people would agree with them.

So why should Transsexual people be assumed to be fair game? Or anyone else for that matter.

I still haven’t seen the original piece by Suzanne Moore which started the latest Twitterstorm, so I won’t comment on that nor, for the moment, will I make any judgement about Moore herself.

I have seen a follow-up article by Moore’s friend Julie Burchill, and it’s sickening.

Even worse, it hasn’t been published by a rag like the Daily Mail but, incredibly, by the Observer. I wasn’t sure if I should put a link to the article here, but you’re all grown-ups, so you can choose whether or not to read it. Click here, but have a bucket ready.

Burchill complains that Moore was “being monstered on Twitter, to the extent that she had quit it, for supposedly picking on a minority – transsexuals.”

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Moore’s piece – and, I repeat, I haven’t seen it yet – Burchill makes sweepingly disparaging remarks about Transsexual people. Has she never heard the adage “two wrongs don’t make a right”, or has she just forgotten it? Phrases like “women – real and imagined” pepper Burchill’s rambling diatribe, so it’s hardly a focussed rebuttal to a few people on Twitter, but out and out bigotry.

At one point Burchill writes “To my mind – I have given cool-headed consideration to the matter – a gaggle of transsexuals telling Suzanne Moore how to write looks a lot like how I’d imagine the Black and White Minstrels telling Usain Bolt how to run would look.

I haven’t seen anyone tell Moore how to write (though that could have happened, Twitter feeds can be fast moving). What I’ve seen people complaining about is what, not how, she wrote.

I don’t understand what it means to be Transsexual, or gay, or black, or any number of aspects of a person that automaticallyputs them at a disadvantage in society.

I do, however, know what is to be human. Burchill and her ilk would do well to take a refresher course on that subject.



Hatebook – The War Against the Vulnerable

It has been quite obvious for a while now that the government, with the help of some of the more right-wing press, have been running a smear campaign against disabled people, to make it easier to pass their Welfare Reform Bill with a minimum of protest.

An example of how well they are succeeding can, if it hasn’t been removed by the time you read this, be found on a Facebook page that seeks to have “Blue Badge” parking permits taken from disabled people.

The page seems to be American in origin, but there have been quite a few comments from Brits keen to show their disdain for the disabled.

Here’s their mission statement:

Notice at the end the call to break the law, yet Facebook, at the time of writing, have ignored the many reports that I know they have received.

The most recent post, and the reply, demonstrate the stupidity of this group.

Stacey makes a fatuous leap from a few cases seen in a television show, to widespread abuse of the system, and Amelia agrees, and makes a further leap, that disabled people are liars because some people are pretending to be disabled.

With witless people like this around, is it any wonder that disabled people are increasingly being bullied and attacked?

EDIT: 11th April, the page has disappeared! 

A Liddle Bit of Perspective – The Clarkson Defence

The reaction to Rod Liddle’s venomous attack on the disabled has been largely anger, but I have noticed some comments along the lines of “Well, he’s just like Jeremy Clarkson, don’t take any notice, he’s harmless.”

The trouble is some people will take him seriously. Despite the fact that the publication his remarks were published in is laughable to most intelligent people, it is not deliberately funny.

Even with intended satire, there are those who take it seriously. Warren Mitchell was plagued for years by morons who applauded his character in “Till Death Us Do Part“, Alf Garnett for the bigotry he displayed.

So when somebody who purports to be a serious writer spouts the nonsense that Liddle did, even more people will believe him, and they don’t have to be bigots themselves.

This will, of course, delight the current government, who seem hell bent on dismantling the welfare system.

Modern first-world governments govern by the consent of the governed, but it should be informed consent, not the lies that the ConDems, and lackeys such as Liddle, are peddling.