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Fuck the Labour Rebels

True Labour Jeremy Corbyn favours a kinder way of doing politics. He probably wouldn’t approve of the title of this post, nor some of the content.

That’s OK. I admire and respect his straightforward, but polite, approach, but I’m not Corbyn.

I’m pretty sure that Jeremy Corbyn, like all of us, has character flaws. I don’t think he’s a Messiah, however much his opponents try to smear him and his opponents by insisting support for him is a cult.

He is, however, conspicuously honest.

The coup attempt that’s going on now has been planned for months, but the plotters have used his supposed “lacklustre” campaigning in the EU referendum as an excuse, claiming he lost for the Remain side.

In fact, his guarded support for Remain seems to have struck a chord with many Labour supporters, and maybe others too. It was a refreshing change for around ⅔ of Labour voters, and probably a good few people who don’t normally vote because “they’re all the same, aren’t they?” His campaign was not lacklustre, just lacking in lies and hyperbole.


So now 172 Labour MPs have voted against Corbyn, with 40 supporting him. The message from the rebels seems to be that “he’s a decent man, but no leader.” This phrase has been repeated verbatim, which makes it pretty damn unlikely that it’s a sincere sentiment, but rather a scripted conspiracy.

The rebels also seem to be complaining that Corbyn is “out of touch” because the majority of Labour MPs don’t support him, yet the can’t see how out of touch they look when a MASSIVE majority of Labour Party members do support Corbyn, and not them.

The plotters want Corbyn to resign, ostensibly to avert a crisis in the Labour Party.

There are two problems with this. Firstly, the crisis is of their making. part of their plot, albeit an inept one.

Secondly, Corbyn has declined the opportunity to cut his own political throat, and the rebels only other recourse is to put up a challenger in a leadership. Such a challenger has practically no chance of getting elected, which is why they wanted Corbyn to resign. If he did so, he’d have to be nominated by 50 MPs to get on the ballot, not very likely given the confidence vote. If he remains in place he, as the incumbent, is automatically added to the ballot.

By refusing to resign, he’s thrown the conspirators’ plans into disarray.

How will they manage to cover up the Chilcot report, due on July 6th, with Corbyn still there to throw a spanner in the works?

Fuck ’em.


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