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Justice For Ched’s Victim!

"Wish you were here!"

Victims of rape and sexual assault are guaranteed anonymity for life. Some crybabies on Twitter, using the hashtag  “#JusticeForChed“, upset that footballer Ched Evans was convicted of rape, decided for themselves to remove that anonymity. No doubt they’ll be even more upset when the police come to arrest them.

This is just one example of the venom directed at the victim (I’ve obscured the names, though it’s probably too late):

I don’t know why Evans’ conviction upsets them so much. Some are probably fans, others may well think that rape victims deserve whatever they get. They say Evans’ victim is “well known for sleeping around”. I don’t know if that’s even true, but if it is, so what? Who she has sex with is still her choice.

There are certainly some women who cry rape when no crime has been committed. If there weren’t there wouldn’t be a need for trials. One of the reasons for a false accusation is financial gain, either directly from the alleged rapist in the form of blackmail, or from selling the story to the media. Neither of these scenarios seems to apply in Evans’ case, yet his supporters are keen to label his victim a “money-grabbing slag”. If she does sell her story, and it’s not a response to being named and humiliated against her will, then they’ll have a valid argument. Unless that happens, they’re just being abusive, not just to the woman in this case, but to all rape victims.

Edited to add: As for the word slag, being bandied about on Twitter, as MarkC reminds me in the comments below, “There would never be any circumstance in which someone using this term of abuse would ever have a valid argument, since it is based on a false and misogynist premise.”

Evans may appeal against his conviction, and it’s possible he’ll win his appeal, but if he does it doesn’t change the fact that many of his supporters are appalling misogynists. What’s even sadder is that that includes many women.