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The Name May Change, But Disdain for the Poor Remains the Same


Liam Duncan Smith….or is it Iain Byrne?

On Wednesday, Iain Duncan Smith brought in a bill designed to deny illegally sanctioned jobseekers redress, by retrospectively changing the law. Picking on people who are barely able to afford to eat is bad enough, but legislating to declare your illegal actions legal after all sets a dangerous precedent.

The Labour Party should have opposed the bill on both counts but instead, at the behest of Liam Byrne, all but around 40 Labour MPs abstained.

Whenever Liberal Democrat MPs allow Tories to win votes in the House of Commons by abstaining, Labour MPs are quick to point out that they are, effectively, voting with their coalition partners.

I agree, but the same applies when the boot is on the other foot.

The Labour MP who purports to represent me wasn’t one of those who voted against IDS’s bill, so I will now have a difficult decision at the next General Election, unless the Labour Party return to their roots, and start to actually defend the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

The longer that Liam Byrne stays on the front bench, the more difficult it will be to persuade voters that they are any different from the Tories.



Iain Duncan Smith – The Quiet Bigot

When Iain Duncan Smith announced plans to close Remploy factories and put 1,518 disabled people out of work, that was bad enough.

When it became clear that the decision was at least partly based on malicious gossip, that the Remploy employees just sat around all day drinking coffee, that was worse. Any fool, even a politician, could see what a stupid thing that was to say, even if it had been true, which it wasn’t. A decent human being would, at the very least, apologise.

Liam Byrne, Yesterday the shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, called on Smith to do just that, but there was not a hint of remorse.

The government’s attack on the most vulnerable in society continues apace and Iain Duncan Smith, for the time being, is its mascot.